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Publications 2014

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Görg, C., J.H. Spangenberg, V. Tekken, B. Burkhard, D.T. Truong, M. Escalada, K.L. Heong, G. Arida, J.V. Bustamante, H. Van Chien, T. Klotzbücher, L. Marquez, A. Marxen, N.H. Manh, N. Van Sinh, S. Villareal, J. Settele (2014): Engaging local knowledge within biodiversity research: experiences from large inter- and transdisciplinary projects. Interdisciplinary Science Reviews 39, 323-341.

Hanke A., M. Sauerwein, K. Kaiser, K. Kalbitz (2014): Does anoxic processing of dissolved organic matter affect organic–mineral interactions in paddy soils? Geoderma 228-229, 62-66.

Hoppe, M., R. Mikutta, J. Utermann, W. Duijnisveld, G. Guggenberger (2014): Retention of sterically and electrosterically stabilized silver nanoparticles in soils. Environmental Science and Technology 48, 12628-12635.

Klotzbücher T., K. Kaiser, K. Kalbitz (2014): Response of dissolved organic matter in the forest floor of a temperate spruce stand to increasing throughfall. Vadose Zone Journal 13, doi:10.2136/vzj2013.10.0180.   

Malerba A.D., K. Kaiser, F. Tambone, F. Adani, A. Buscaroli, M.R. Provenzano (2014): Hydrophilic and hydrophobic fractions of water-soluble organic matter in digestates obtained from different  organic wastes. International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation 94, 73-78.

Mikutta, R., D. Lorenz, G. Guggenberger, L. Haumaier, A. Freund (2014): Properties and reactivity of Fe-organic matter associations formed by coprecipitation versus adsorption: Clues from arsenate batch adsorption. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 144, 258-276.

Schnecker, J., B. Wild, F. Hofhansl, R.J. Eloy Alves, J. Bárta, R. Čapek, L. Fuchslueger, N. Gentsch, A. Gittel, G. Guggenberger, A. Hofer, S. Kienzl, A. Knoltsch, N. Lashchinskiy, R. Mikutta, H. Šantrůčková, O. Shibistova, M. Takriti, T. Urich, G. Weltin, A. Richter (2014): Effects of soil organic matter properties and microbial community composition on enzyme activities in cryoturbated arctic soils. PLoS ONE 9, e94076.

Schrumpf, M., K. Kaiser, E.-D. Schulze (2014): Soil organic carbon and total nitrogen gains of an old growth deciduous forest in Germany. PLoS ONE 9, e89364. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0089364.   

Turner, S., A. Schippers, S. Meyer-Stüve, G. Guggenberger, N. Gentsch, R. Dohrmann, L.M. Condron, A. Eger, P.C. Almond, D.A. Peltzer, S.J. Richardson, R. Mikutta (2014): Mineralogical impact on long-term patterns of soil nitrogen and phosphorus enzyme activities. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 68, 31–43.

Wild, B., J. Schnecker, R.J. Eloy Alvez, P. Barsukov, J. Bárta, P. Čapek, N. Gentsch, A. Gittel, G. Guggenberger, N. Lashchinskiy, R. Mikutta, O. Rusalimova, H. Šantrůčková, O. Shibistova, T. Urich, M. Watzka, G. Zrazhevskaya, A. Richter (2014): Input of easily available organic C and N  stimulates microbial decomposition of  soil organic matter in arctic permafrost soil. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 75, 143–151.

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