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Publications 2015

Journale / journals

Čapek P., K. Diáková, J.-E. Dickopp, J. Bárta, B. Wild, J. Schnecker, R.J.E. Alves,  S. Aiglsdorfer, G. Guggenberger, N. Gentsch, G. Hugelius, N. Lashchinsky, A. Gittel, C. Schleper, R. Mikutta, J. Palmtag, O. Shibistova, T. Urich, A. Richter, H. Šantrůčková (2015): The effect of warming on the vulnerability of subducted organic carbon in arctic soils. Soil Biol. Biochem. 90, 19–29.

Eibisch, N., R. Schroll, R. Fuß, R. Mikutta, M. Helfrich, H. Flessa (2015): Pyrochars and hydrochars differently alter the sorption of the herbicide isoproturon in an agricultural soil. Chemosphere 119, 155-162.

Eibisch, N., W. Durner, M. Bechtold, R. Fuß, R. Mikutta, S.K. Woche, M. Helfrich (2015): Does water repellency of pyrochars and hydrochars counter their positive effects on soil hydraulic properties? Geoderma 245-246, 31-39.

Gentsch, N., R. Mikutta, O. Shibistova, B. Wild, J. Schnecker, A. Richter, T. Urich, A. Gittel, H. Šantrůčková, J. Bárta, N. Lashchinskiy, C.W. Mueller, R. Fuß, G. Guggenberger (2015): Properties and bioavailability of particulate and mineral-associated organic matter in Arctic permafrost soils, Lower Kolyma Region, Russia. European Journal of Soil Science 66, 722-734.

Gentsch, N., R. Mikutta, R.J.E. Alves, J. Barta, P. Čapek, A. Gittel, G. Hugelius, P. Kuhry, N. Lashchinskiy, J. Palmtag, A.  Richter, H. Šantrůčková, J. Schnecker, O. Shibistova, T. Urich, B. Wild, G. Guggenberger (2015): Storage and transformation of organic matter fractions in cryoturbated permafrost soils across the Siberian Arctic. Biogeosciences Discuss. 12, 2697-2743.

Hoppe, M., R. Mikutta, J. Utermann, W. Duijnisveld, S. Kaufhold, C.F. Stange, G. Guggenberger (2015): Remobilization of sterically stabilized silver nanoparticles from  farmland soils determined by column leaching. European Journal of Soil Science 66, 898-909. DOI:

Kleber, M., K. Eusterhues, M. Keiluweit, C. Mikutta, R. Mikutta, P.S. Nico (2015): Mineral–Organic Associations: Formation, Properties, and Relevance in Soil Environments. Advances in Agronomy 130, 1-140.

Klotzbücher, T., F. Leuther, A. Marxen, D. Vetterlein., F. Horgan, R. Jahn (2015): Forms and fluxes of potential plant-available silicon in irrigated lowland rice production (Laguna, the Philippines). Plant and Soil 393, 177-191.

Klotzbücher, T., A. Marxen, D. Vetterlein, J. Schneiker, M. Türke, N. Van Sinh, N.H. Manh, H. Van Chien, L. Marquez, S. Villareal, J.V. Bustamante, R. Jahn (2015): Plant-available silicon in Southeast Asian paddy soils - baseline data for the LEGATO project. Basic and Applied Ecology, doi:10.1016/j.baae.2014.08.002    

Saidy, A.R., R.J. Smernik, J.A. Baldock, K. Kaiser, J. Sanderman (2015): Microbial degradation of organic carbon sorbed to phyllosilicate clays with and without hydrous iron oxide coating. European Journal of Soil Science 66, 83-94.

Schampera B., R. Solc, S.K. Woche, R. Mikutta, S. Dultz, G. Guggenberger, D. Tunega (2015): Surface structure of organoclays as examined by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and molecular dynamics simulations. Clay Minerals 50, 353-367.

Schnecker, J., B. Wild, M. Takriti, R.J. Eloy Alves, N. Gentsch, A. Gittel, A. Hofer, K. Klaus, A. Knoltsch, N. Lashchinskiy, R. Mikutta, A. Richter (2015): Microbial community composition shapes enzyme patterns in topsoil and  subsoil horizons along a latitudinal transect in Western Siberia. Soil  Biology and Biochemistry 83, 106-115.

Schrumpf M., K. Kaiser (2015): Large differences in estimates of soil organic carbon turnover in density fractions by using single and repeated radiocarbon inventories. Geoderma 239-240, 168-178.

Wild, B., J. Schnecker, A. Knoltsch, M. Takriti, M. Mooshammer, N. Gentsch, R. Mikutta, R.J.E. Alves, A. Gittel, N. Lashchinskiy, A. Richter (2015): Microbial nitrogen dynamics in organic and mineral soil horizons along a  latitudinal transect in western Siberia. Glob. Biogeochem. Cycles 29,  567-582.

Bücher / books

Kühn, T., H. Pöllmann (2015): Synthesis of Zn(2+) layered double hydroxides with interlayer amino acid anions. In: Sherman, I. T. (2015): Layered Double Hydroxides – Synthesis, Characterization and Applications. Nova Science Publ., 33-50.

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